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Super Cool Post on Abandoned Chinese Restaurant

Photo Credit: Photographer Brian Cummings

I still dabble in hyper local journalism and this weekend I found something that just soars when it comes to engaging an audience.

On Sunday, my husband came across a phtographer's page on Facebook with images taken inside the abandoned Weylu's restaurant overlooking Rte. 1 in Saugus, Massachusetts. I reached out to the photographer, North Shore resident Brian Cummings who gave me permissions to use some of his photos. Pull in some background on what happened to what was once the most expensive Chinese restaurant ever built at a cost of nearly $13 million and housed 50,000 square feet and incredible opulence inside its walls, and the rest was magic.

There's no bigger high than seeing your post all over social media and promoted by other news sources. To me this is the fun part of writing.

And head on over to Photographer Brian Cummings Facebook page - he has many, many more images, not just of Weylu's but of other abandoned properties and some great studio work as well. Tell him Liz sent you :-)

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