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Liz Taurasi Hughes has leveraged her more than 20 years of experience in newspaper and online media industries to create LTH Media Services to help businesses small and large in everything from content creation to editing and drafting proposals to managing social media accounts. 


As an editor, writer and social media strategist, Liz is currently producing content and offering editorial support for various web publications and utilizing her social media expertise and content development skills to help small businesses by being their voice on the web. 


She knows the value of strong SEO to drive traffic and bring in followers month after month and can deliver strong, high quality content with a quick turnaround. 


Used to being pulled in multiple directions from her most recent role as an Associate Editorial Director for the northeast region at, Liz excels at multi-tasking. With a keen eye, her editing skills are top notch. And when it comes to taking content and leveraging it across social media platforms, Liz is a skilled social media strategist experienced at developing and maintaining an audience across multiple platforms and brands. She is currently working closely with small businesses throughout Massachusetts to increase their brands, while managing their social media accounts and online presence. 

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What's it like to work with Liz?

James Fedas and Ann Marie Palmer

Owners of Itsy Bitsy Thrifty

"Liz has been a wealth of knowledge on the social media front. She has been a wonderful resource to help fine-tune our ideas for promotions on Facebook, and our social media followers have jumped tremendiously."

Warren Webster

Patch Founder

"When we built Patch we wanted it to be a business that helps people and communities. That was a big part of our mission, our culture, and we even gave awards for it (which Liz won). Liz is a fantastic editor, journalist and manager who stood out because she worked tirelessly to make her team, her employees, the company, and the community better."

Tom Troncone

Managing Producer at

"Liz is a strong leader in both the digital and print world, and was at the helm of one of the strongest regions in Patch. Liz is a friendly ear, the voice of reason, a seasoned leader. 

She has vision and a passion for news, and her leadership during the Boston Marathon bombings and other major news events cemented her status as a top-flight news professional. 

Liz has terrific ideas and adapts to constantly evolving situations with grace, aplomb, determination and savvy. She's been a joy to work alongside and I strongly recommend her.“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services. Let your customers review you and tell their friends how great you are.”

Anthony Duignan-Cabrera

Editor-in-Chief, The Open Standard at Mozilla

"Liz Taurasi is one of the most accomplished digital journalists and newsroom managers I've had the privilege of working with and managing. She is driven by the need to inform the public and to accommodate the ever-changing face of the news media landscape. Liz doesn't let the changes phase her, she knows it's her job to take new technologies and leverage them to tell the story: The mission hasn't changed, just the tools. She is tough and fair with boundless energy. I would work with Liz again in an instant as she is a true leader and a great addition to any news organization."

Crystal Lauderdale-Masa

Director, Marketing and Communications at Florida Polytechnic University

"Liz is one of the most thorough, organized and effective editorial leaders I know. When it comes to content, she’s both a creative storyteller and a scientific strategist. She uses audience metrics, smart SEO, strong leadership and top-notch editing skills to deliver stories that grow not only audience reach but engagement as well. In my experience, Liz never drops the ball. How can that be? Liz is a thoughtful, meticulous planner. She not only keeps a Plan B in her back pocket, but usually a Plan C and a Plan D as well. So if breaking news happens or staffing shifts, Liz’ team doesn’t miss a beat thanks to her expert preparedness. On top of that, she has a positive attitude and a great sense of humor making her a pleasure to work with.


Rachel Fishman Feddersen

Digital GM at The Week and Mental Floss

"Liz is a star. In the time we worked together I saw her handle the most challenging of situations with boundless energy, and terrific insight and sophistication in both reporting and management of her far-flung team. Her team's coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings was peerless; their continuing coverage, day in and day out, of local news that mattered was equally stellar. Simply put, Liz was a joy to work with."  

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